A group of investors and entrepreneurs with past experiences in health and medical products decided to set up the factory, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting people who are in need of help in this difficult time, responding to the exigent demand for face masks with the primary objective to save lives, and fulfilling social and ethical responsibilities.

U Plus makes high-quality medical masks. Its product compliances with the EN149:2001+A1:2009 FFP2 NR and other applicable standards. Customers can feel safe to use for efficient protection against germs and viruses.


N95 respirators are personal protective equipment that is used to protect you from airborne particles which means it highly prevents you from Virus invasion. 


4-ply Protection

B.F.E   ≥ 95% 

P.F.E   ≥98%


We care about your health and product experience! The materials we use are Latex-FREE, soft and skin-friendly, and qualified. A single N95 respirator mask Includes 50gsm of non-woven fabric on the outer layer, 2-plies of 25gsm melt-blown in between, and another 30 gsm of non-woven fabric make direct contact to the mouth, nose, and skin. 




Disposable 3D face mask is intended to be worn to use on a daily basis, to protect you from bacteria, air pollution, and droplet.



B.F.E   ≥ 98% 

P.F.E   ≥ 98%

V.F.E   ≥ 98% 

Inhalation and Exhalation resistance less than 49 (mmH20)


This 3D design is closely fit to face, light and thin for your convenience, and protective. The stretchable earloop prevents pressure from wearing a whole day of the mask, provides you with comfort and safe experience.